Does iFinancePay charge any interest or fees?

Interest Rates: iFinancePay has transparent pricing. Our interest rates range between 0%-32.95% APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

Processing Fee for Point-of-Sale financing: Some of our payment plans include a nominal monthly processing fee of $1.95. There are no other fees, prepayment fees or hidden fees.

iFinancePay Pre-paid Virtual Card Applicable Fees:
Financing charge: 6% of principal amount on all loans.
NSF Fee: (not applicable in QC): $30
Adjustment Fee (to reschedule a payment) (not applicable in QC) OR Partial pre-payment on other than scheduled date: $30
Life & Accidental Insurance Premium Single: $1.50 per $100 of insured amount per year (not offered in QC or SK).
Insurance Cancellation fee after 30 days: $75

Cost of Borrowing: Your total cost of borrowing is total interest and service fee you pay over the term of the loan. If you prepay your loan or get a partial refund, your cost of borrowing will be lower.

iFinancePay has the highest level of transparency. Therefore, the total cost of your purchase including any interest charges or service fees will be clearly displayed to you before you finalize your purchase.
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